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Data Annotation

t6 is focused on timeseries, Data-annotation process is classifying Datapoints from Flows using categories. Annotations and Categories are going to be used in the Exploratory Data Analysis process.

Data Annotation


A classification category is a dataset cotaining a name, a descriptive content and a color. Users on t6 can customize their own Categories - and there are constraints on the number of Categories per users. There is no process of approval on the annotations.


Data-annotation can be associated to Datapoints using any of the following processes:

  1. Adding manually an annotation with the specific annotation Api endpoint. This hand process is strong but require manual annotation.
  2. Adding annotations programmatically from a Decision Rule during Datapoint creation.

Each annotation are set for a range of date/time, so the category_id associated to the Annotation can be defined on a specific timespan. Both process are expecting to handle large datasets.