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A User account is based on a unique email address. Identification is made using a hashed password in database. This is not possible to register twice the same email address. Additionally, there is currently no way to share resource across User Accounts. :-( (it was the purpose of "permissions" attribute on Flows but the feature is deprecated).

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Profile Role

By default t6 on Saas is implementing only the role free which is having a quota limit on creating resources. During user creation process the role is set (and hardcoded) to free and cannot be changed yet.

Resources Quota for free users
objects 5
flows 2
rules 1
tokens 10
snippets 2
dashboards 1
uis 2
categories 20
stories 999
api calls (1 week period window ) 9999

User Authentication

There are multiple Authentication grant_types on t6:

The autentication process is generating a JWT valid for a short time : 5 minutes. Attached to this Jwt, a refresh_token is returned on the Auth payload and remain valid for 24 hours.

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