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Classify, labelize, and annotate measures

t6 team unveil data classification module on the Api. This new process provides annotation on any datapoints and/or range of datapoints with ease. Annotation on t6 is the process of classifying datapoints - with a customizable category.

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Classify, labelize, and annotate measures

The following 2 modes are available:

Categories for labeling

Labelisation on the t6 implement custom categories (tags). t6 Users can customize several categories on their account. e.g.: Say that you are measuring a speed (m/s) on a specific t6 Flow; on each datapoints added, a rule can trigger an annotation (using categories “slow”, “fast”) and using the speed as criteria and that can label this datapoint.

This process using Rules is weak as it involve a programmatic pattern to identify the category.

An alternative process - hand-annotation can be used to associate categories to datapoints. This association can use a single datapoint or a range of dates.

Data Annotation documentation

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