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Partnering with Capterra

You might have noticed some short interrruption in t6 services recently. I am really concerned about this and the reason is very simple.

Partnering with Capterra

t6 is managed on a very light and tiny server; with low capacity. Additionaly, some external brute force recently occured and blocked server. I can surely affirm data integrity is safe. :-)

In the coming days, the server is going to get some few improvements in hardware. I hope this will be enough. In the meantime, I have set a “Buy me a coffee” campaign so I can still spend time on maintening t6 framework and server.

Buy t6 manager a coffee


Additionally, I wanted to let you know I’m partnering with Capterra, the world’s leading software review platform where various professionals make purchasing decisions for their organizations about SaaS products.

Your email address might be selected to be a t6 advocate and help us spread the word. Or you can also share your experience using our IoT framework. https://www.capterra.com/reviews/guidelines#writing-1

In case you had been selected, Capterra will send you a message in the coming days in order to complete a review. If your review is one of the first 100 approved by Capterra’s QA team, you will receive a $20 digital card of your choice.