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Preprocessor to transform measurements

t6 is adding new features on the IoT platform. As a user you might be interested in these great updates!

Preprocessor to transform measurements

🔥 A Preprocessor to transform measurements

Decision Rule is processing values to trigger actions based on rules. And it will remain!

t6 is now capable of transforming the value before it goes to this Rule Engine - and prior to storing into Database! So basically, the purpose of this new Preprocessor is to modify, validate, convert, and/or sanitize the measured value and send it back to Database + Rule Engine. The preprocessor can either be added to Flow or directly from your payload.

Preprocessor documentation

🔥 Alternative InfluxData Cloud Storage

By default, using t6 Saas is storing datapoint on t6 Timeseries.

You can now customize this default behaviour and add your own Cloud Storage setting so that datapoints are forwarded to InfluxData. The credentials/tokens to connect your own Cloud Storage can either be added to Flow or directly from your payload.

Cloud Storage documentation

As a reminder, a survey about Sensor Data Fusion is waiting for your feedbacks so that t6 team can improve the best product for you.

We hope these new features will please you as it please us to add.

Thank you, and see you soon on t6.